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0 million
number of children and youth growing up in communities with dedicated public funding for kids’ services
Goal by 2026: 13 million
7.9 million


13 million

number of professionals we have trained in strategic public financing
Goal by 2026: 1,000



0 %
percent of the country with fiscal data infrastructure* in place
Goal by 2026: 50%



$ 0 million
amount of new public funding we have helped communities and states secure for children and youth
Goal by 2026: $2 billion
900 million


$2 billion

*Fiscal data infrastructure refers to having either a cost model, fiscal map, voter-approved children’s fund, and/or a children’s funding coordinator

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What People are Saying
Children’s Funding Project offers best in class support so community leaders can successfully navigate the technically and politically complex challenge of winning more funding for kids, and ensure every dollar is used well.

September Jarrett

Program Officer, Education
Heising-Simons Foundation

Children’s Funding Project provides an invaluable role in identifying revenue and costs and ensuring that resources are maximized, and programs are available to families who need them. With their data-driven, strategic approach, they also analyze information to help providers understand where there are service gaps to fill and, just as importantly, whether, where, and how programs can be spread.

Polly Singh

Senior Program Officer
The Wallace Foundation

Tribal communities are at a critical inflection point for programming and services where we will have to take a hard look at how we can continue with reduced federal funds. Children’s Funding Project has helped put that into context while sharing how to estimate costs of care and how we might access funds to replace what will be lost. We are excited for our partnership to continue and grow.

Jennifer Rackliff
Executive Director
National Indian Child Care Association

When it comes to funding, many of our state allies are ready to move policymakers from models and estimates to solutions for generating revenue. Children’s Funding Project’s expansive research and tracking helps us provide them crucial information about what other states are actually passing and implementing—giving proof that this is possible.

Helene Stebbins

Executive Director
Alliance for Early Success

The combination of our national/state focus and Children’s Funding Project’s local focus makes us natural allies with intel and resources to share. Together we are working toward a shared vision of improving the lives of young people by maximizing resources to provide youth with the out-of-school supports they need to thrive.

Jennifer Rinehart

Senior Vice President for Strategy and Programs
Afterschool Alliance

Children’s Funding Project has provided valuable technical assistance, leadership, and connections to states like Minnesota as we work to invest in and prioritize children and families.

Erin Bailey
Executive Director and Assistant Commissioner of Children’s Cabinet
Minnesota Management and Budget


Investing in children is an investment in the future. The Children’s Funding Project team has developed an incredible framework and tools to support communities in growing their youth-centered investments. They are a dynamic team with demonstrated skill, experience, knowledge, and capacity to coach.

Kimberly Sama

Vice President of Finance and Organizational Development
UP Partnership San Antonio/Bexar County, TX