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Fiscal Mapping

Photo credit: King County Best Starts for Kids
Our fiscal maps document and analyze the various sources of funding that support programs and services for children and youth in a state, city, county, or Native nation. They can include public dollars from federal, state, and local sources and sometimes private dollars from foundations and other philanthropies.

Our fiscal maps answer a fundamental question: WHO invests HOW MUCH money and in WHAT? We support fiscal maps to better understand public spending on children and youth programs nationwide. Fiscal maps help state and local leaders and advocates understand the existing funding streams that support the child- and youth-focused programs in their communities.

How children's funding project helps


We develop a fiscal map from start to finish including data collection and analysis of all public funding sources for children and youth in a community or state.


We coach local leaders on the fiscal mapping process to increase their ability to collect, sustain, and use the data in their communities.


We encourage leaders to institutionalize their fiscal maps through legislation, data sharing agreements, and other knowledge transfer to ensure the data remains current.


We help local leaders use fiscal map data to promote strategic public financing and enhance decision-making to improve investments for kids.

State and Local Fiscal Map Database

These fiscal maps analyze investments for ages 0-24 through our standardized process. Contact us to learn more about them and about how we add states/communities to the database.
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