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July 2018

Elizabeth Gaines and Olivia Allen launch Children’s Funding Project to help communities identify how to fund their strategic goals for infants, toddlers, children, and youth.

January 2019

Leaders from Montgomery County, MD, contract with us as our first fiscal map client. The final fiscal map documents all federal, state, local, and private funds supporting early childhood programs and services in the county.

September 2019

More than 120 advocates and policymakers from 27 communities attend our first Children’s Funding Institute, held in Denver, CO. Attendees receive personalized coaching about how to secure local dedicated funding for kids, with eight community teams successfully creating voter-approved children’s funds in the following years

November 2019

Children’s Funding Project officially incorporates as an independent nonprofit organization.

February 2020

Children’s Funding Accelerator our partner 501c4 organization forms. It has so far supported 13 successful campaigns for voter-approved children’s funds that collectively raise more than half a billion dollars annually for kids.

April 2020

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we expand our work to help communities understand the newly available pandemic-relief funding and help communities leverage these new funds to support kids.

November 2020

In a significant victory for children’s funding, voters in five local communities and one state prioritize kids by creating and renewing children’s funds on their ballots. We, and our partner Children’s Funding Accelerator, support all six campaigns to successfully pass these measures, which will raise more than $300 million annually for kids.

January 2021

Children’s Funding Project expands our collaboration with long-time partner Margaret Brodkin and becomes the fiscal sponsor for Funding the Next Generation, a California-based nonprofit that promotes local public funding measures for services that support children, youth, and their families.

February 2021

Wisconsin contracts with us as Children’s Funding Project’s first cost modeling client. The state’s cost model measures the true cost of infant and toddler care in the state.

October 2021

Our new American Rescue Plan database debuts, highlighting funding available for all 50 states, U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia as well as more than 27,000 counties, cities, and towns; nearly 17,000 school districts; 3,500 higher education institutions; and 577 Native nations.

April 2022

We partner with the Community Innovation and Action Center at the University of Missouri–St. Louis to expand our fiscal mapping work. Through this partnership we launch our state child and youth fiscal mapping cohort to help leaders in 14 states build their capacity to track and analyze their public spending for kids. 

November 2022

Three local communities and one state create new children’s funds via ballot measure with our support. Together, these new funds will raise $200 million annually for youth mental health, early childhood education, child care, and more.

July 2023

Children’s Funding Project marks our fifth anniversary! During our first five years, our collective work reaches 151 communities and states, and we help localities track and organize $179 billion in local, state, federal, and local philanthropic funds that support kids.