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Ed Harrington

Board Member

Ed Harrington is an adjunct professor in the Masters in Urban and Public Affairs program at the University of San Francisco. He is also a consultant on government finance issues for the WaterNow Alliance and Earth Economics. Ed recently completed seven years as treasurer of both Greenpeace International and SPUR, a good government think tank in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ed has been an adviser and consultant to Funding the Next Generation, the Children’s Funding Project’s sister organization, since 2014 when it was founded. Funding the Next Generation supports local coalitions in California in creating ballot measures to expand funding for services to children and youth. Ed has analyzed local budgets, researched potential funding streams, trained dozens of groups in understanding public finance, spoken at conferences, and provided policy advice on fiscal policy. He has shared his public finance expertise with youth, policy advocates, organizers, children’s services providers and elected officials, responding to the specific needs of each.

Ed was general manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission until his retirement in September 2012. From 1991 to 2008, Ed was the controller for the City and County of San Francisco managing the city’s budget, payroll, accounting and auditing programs.