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Voter-Approved Children’s Funds

Learn what voter-approved children's funds are, who creates them, and the purpose they serve.

Voter-Approved Children’s Funds

A voter-approved children’s fund refers to local public revenue that is dedicated to children’s services in an election by the voters. These types of funds also are called

  • local dedicated funds,
  • Children’s Services Councils (in Florida),
  • Children’s Services Funds (in Missouri),
  • Strong Start (San Miguel County, CO) or Right Start (Summit County, CO),
  • Best Starts for Kids (King County, WA),
  • Early Childhood Millage (in Kent County, MI), or
  • simply children’s funds.

These funds support a variety of programs and services for children and youth including

  • prenatal and infant health and development services;
  • child care and early education programs;
  • after-school and summer programs;
  • youth mentorship, leadership, and career support;
  • mental health, behavioral health, and wellness support; and
  • other programs and services typically provided outside of core school-day hours.

Voter-approved children’s funds do not support the general operating budget for K-12 public schools since school districts typically receive funding from other designated local, state, and federal sources.

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