In 2024, hundreds of millions of dollars in federal pandemic relief funding will expire. This will leave cities, counties, and states scrambling to fill budget gaps to continue providing vital services to children and youth. To secure stable and sustained funding, state and local leaders and advocates must understand (1) their existing investments in children and youth, (2) the true cost of funding their goals for kids, and (3) options for filling any gaps between existing funding and needed funding. This webinar will discuss how a children’s funding coordinator can help communities knit these three components together through fiscal mapping, cost modeling, and sourcing additional funding.

During the webinar, you’ll hear from four current children’s funding coordinators in Austin, TX; Cleveland, OH; Louisville, KY; and Montgomery County, MD, about their professional development, ongoing work, and vision for kids in their communities. The webinar also will include ample time for questions and answers about this new approach to building local capacity to support funding for kids and how we can help recruit, train, and support these professionals in your community.

Join us to learn how children’s funding coordinators can champion meaningful and sustainable funding for children and youth in your communities.